Recruiting Boost Network
With live streaming, replays, and highlights from fully automated cameras, Recruiting Boost Network is looking to provide an alternative to the traditional way of thinking about covering athletics. We've partnered with Spiideo, whose cameras have some of the best auto-following technology in the industry, and have systems in professional stadiums all over the world. Recruiting Boost Network proudly offers a revenue sharing model on the pay per view income with each school on our network that more than covers any initial costs.
Our Story
Our founder and CEO, Cassius Bosket set out to stream live athletes with a quality rarely displayed in youth athletics. Our athletic placement service, Recruiting Boost helped us see that having easy access to game film and highlights was a hindrance to many athletes looking to play college athletes. We set out to change that.
Our impact
Recruiting Boost Network looks forward to having film accessibility for players and coaches that will ultimately help student-athletes get recruited to the next level.
Our team
Cassius Bosket
Founder, CEO
Vice President
Director of Broadcasting
Recruiting Boost Placement Service
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